Friday, April 27, 2012

These nails remind me of china plates. I used a China Glaze White polish topped with a Bundle Monster Stamp and Zoya Ibiza. Love this look. So I'd like to take this time to officially announce I'm addicted to nail polish and seriously have a problem. My co-worker today said I was addicted to the smell. Well...I could be? Anyways, why not have a hobby that's what I say..enjoy the look I'll have another soon :) 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Storing Nail Polish

Nail Polish Wall. I built this rack myself. Very easy. I simply drilled some holes in the wall...sorry landlord..haha. Then put up these yard sized wooden dowels I got from Michael's. I glued two together to create the perfect size. You don't even need to anchor the nails surprisingly nail polish isn't really that heavy. (I will have to make a new one soon..that is kinda bad I When I do I'll do a little tutorial)

Front View of my nail polish wall

This is how I keep track of what nail polishes I own. This allows me to see the color. As you addicts all know the swatch sometimes barely resembles the bottle color. When you turn this over I wrote all the names on the back.  So this fantastic idea keeps it all straight. I got this idea  from Sandy Dandy's a link to her video on this..Organizing Nail Polish. 

Newspaper Nails

So on this design you will need a decent amount of time. It took me about 2 hours to do it. In fact I told my boyfriend I'd be 30 minutes late because of this. Now I know I'm an addict.  Newspaper nails have been around forever, so I didn't think that But I'd like to think stamping over it was my idea, but also pretty sure I didn't think that up either. Enjoy!

Step 1: Paint Nails with base coat. I used Sephora by OPI
Step 2: Paint a color on (light colors work best) Zoya Dove is  a close dupe to a newspaper :)
Step 3: Let it dry completely
Step 4: Lightly soak newspaper pieces and apply to nail. hold for 30 seconds firmly. The harder you press the darker the print. Think temporary tattoos. This is a  trial and error process. Youtube has lots of tutorials on this.
 Step 5: apply top coat. The newspaper will not stand under a stamp, it erases as soon as you apply.
Step 6: Apply stamp of choice. I used an old bottle of Sally Hansen Cherry Red, and a Cheeky Plate to do this design.  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lack of Posts

Sorry about the lack of posts. I've been painting my nails everyday, and take pictures, but can't find the cord to connect the camera and computer. As soon as I find it you will have tons of new posts from me :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Confetti : Purple Reign

Before a Top Coat

After a top coat
Just the bottle! How cute!

I decided to give Cofetti a try. $1.99 a bottle can't really go wrong.  And I'm so so on it. I love this color (Mainly because I don't have anything like it yet). The color is called Purple Reign. My problem lies with the application. Three coats...reallly? on a dark purple? And as you can see the application is lumpy prior to the top coat. Remember a coat of Seche Vite solves all application problems (for future reference). But it shouldn't have to. So here we go...pros: Price, color, bottle shape cons: application, and the fact I can't read any of the ingredients (kinda worried about what I'm putting on my nails).
Fun New Design! Zoya Tao & a Pure Ice Silver Mercedes Cheeky Plate Stamp :) I love this stamp, a perfect rose!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Making lemon appropriate :) - Making lemon bars is the ultimate test for a nail polish. Zoya Pippa lasted through an entire batch without a chip. That is pretty impressive! The second batch I wasn't so lucky and got a chip :( Oh well ...guess I have to paint them something else now : )

Zoya Pippa

I love love love this Color. So pretty. Yellows are so tricky to apply but this one is so easy. This is three coats though, so patience is a virtue when it comes to this color. But boy is it worth it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sally Hansen - Tough Taupe - Fantastic deal $1.92

Cheeky Plate Stamp in Silver Mercedes over Tough Taupe. This is the least expensive design I've done yet :)

This color reminds me of Metro Chic by Sephora by Opi. I love how it applies. You will need at least two coats though. The addition of the silver stamp creates such a chic design. I really love this color. I was only able to find this at Walmart.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Let's Dance! Swatches and Review

New Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat in Let's Dance

This has toe color written all over it! Yep these are my toes :). I layered this over Zoya Trixi

Left to right: Wet & Wild Kaleidoscope (A holographic top coat), Sally Hansen Ice Queen, and Let's Dance

Same as above

I love this new color by Sally Hansen. It just spoke to me me buy me! at the store. It runs for about $5 bucks. The glitter is just so different. The swatches really do not do it justice. It has this strange 3D effect to it with light blue and silver chunky glitter. It seems to me that the glitter is slightly curled giving it that effect. This is straight up chunky glitter, with no micro glitter. This is different than any other glitter I have seen. I would highly recommend picking this up. I love it! .....two more notes: The base drys really quickly, and the coverage is fantastic. If you have ever worked with chunky glitters before you know how obnoxious they can be. This applies like a dream!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Another Teaser from Bundle Monster's new set..bunny! Mushroom! Holly! I think the top image is a reference to twitter? Not sure I want twitter on my!
A Second teaser added today 4/4/2012 ....I CAN'T WAIT!!!! They are set to be released end of April early May'
A little April Fools Day teaser from Bundlemonster :)   I will definitely buy these plates. How amazing are these designs? Can't wait Bundlemonster :)

Stamping with Cheeky plate. The detail is incredible!
Plate A

Plate A - Again :)

Plate A & Plate B

Plate B

Plate C

Plate I

Plate I Close Up

Plate I again

Close UP of Plate A
Here are some images of the plates. I love love love these plates! They stamp like a dream! I love the geometric designs. I've even grown to the love the flowers. Here are the pros and cons of these plates: Pros: Low cost...$44 for all 6 plates, Great selection of designs for full nails!, option for french tips on all designs, great sturdy backing, easy to store no small plates to deal with, and most importantly they stamp like a dream! Cons: Some duplicate images, too many floral designs, and well that is about it for cons.

Where to find these plates?: type in Cheeky Beauty to find the plates. They are sold individually, in packs of 3, and in packs of 6. Pay close attention to the plates you are ordering as different plates are sold with different sets.
New Cheeky Beauty Plates - Plate B - My Favorite Image!

Hi I'm Brit

Hey Everyone,

I just started this blog today, because I realized I was annoying my friends with my continuous talk about nail polish. Yes I do have problems...haha. I wanted to created a forum here for all of the other addicts to talk about nail polish. I know it's a small little bottle about .5 ounces. It usually costs $8. Yes I do doesn't make sense. But I LOVE IT! So with that being said. Let the conversations begin!