Sunday, April 22, 2012

Storing Nail Polish

Nail Polish Wall. I built this rack myself. Very easy. I simply drilled some holes in the wall...sorry landlord..haha. Then put up these yard sized wooden dowels I got from Michael's. I glued two together to create the perfect size. You don't even need to anchor the nails surprisingly nail polish isn't really that heavy. (I will have to make a new one soon..that is kinda bad I When I do I'll do a little tutorial)

Front View of my nail polish wall

This is how I keep track of what nail polishes I own. This allows me to see the color. As you addicts all know the swatch sometimes barely resembles the bottle color. When you turn this over I wrote all the names on the back.  So this fantastic idea keeps it all straight. I got this idea  from Sandy Dandy's a link to her video on this..Organizing Nail Polish. 

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