Sunday, April 1, 2012

Plate A

Plate A - Again :)

Plate A & Plate B

Plate B

Plate C

Plate I

Plate I Close Up

Plate I again

Close UP of Plate A
Here are some images of the plates. I love love love these plates! They stamp like a dream! I love the geometric designs. I've even grown to the love the flowers. Here are the pros and cons of these plates: Pros: Low cost...$44 for all 6 plates, Great selection of designs for full nails!, option for french tips on all designs, great sturdy backing, easy to store no small plates to deal with, and most importantly they stamp like a dream! Cons: Some duplicate images, too many floral designs, and well that is about it for cons.

Where to find these plates?: type in Cheeky Beauty to find the plates. They are sold individually, in packs of 3, and in packs of 6. Pay close attention to the plates you are ordering as different plates are sold with different sets.

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