Monday, April 9, 2012

Confetti : Purple Reign

Before a Top Coat

After a top coat
Just the bottle! How cute!

I decided to give Cofetti a try. $1.99 a bottle can't really go wrong.  And I'm so so on it. I love this color (Mainly because I don't have anything like it yet). The color is called Purple Reign. My problem lies with the application. Three coats...reallly? on a dark purple? And as you can see the application is lumpy prior to the top coat. Remember a coat of Seche Vite solves all application problems (for future reference). But it shouldn't have to. So here we go...pros: Price, color, bottle shape cons: application, and the fact I can't read any of the ingredients (kinda worried about what I'm putting on my nails).

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